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sexta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2011

How Far is Lie (cont)

Sup people, lets (try to) continue the brainstorm!

So, we are bombed by tons of stimulations, messages and "to-be" behaviors since birth. In a subconcious level, all this information (the good and the junk) are finding some place. And, in this level of mind, we are mostly guided by emotions instead of logic. So a small link is created, it being superficial like "chocolate and cigarrets confort you" or "real men does not show their emotions" or really deep stuff that can be really problematic for future life, growing into lovely disorders such as paranoia, schizofrenia etc.

There is really nothing that we can do about it. Living in a cave, totally isolated perhaps would work, but that is mostly for eastern monks. Mankind is a social group, after all. Those stimulations WILL continue to happen, even more now that information is easier to find than food (fun fact, an average middle ages man would not be able to record in his mind the number of info find in a newspaper 1st page), but our greatest feature as human beings is to be able to adapt to neew situations. 

The question is: are we really adapting to this almost endless flow of stimulations and information?
 How far can we filter it? All this in a logical and plain level, I am not talking yet about subliminal stuffs or those aimed directly to your subconscious.

At least, I am happy that a major conscious and discernment  about tendencial information is growing lately. It is easy (for most of us, humans), thanks mostly to the internet, to know when someone (or some broadcaster, news agency etc) is omitting things to favor a side, or adding/exaggerating to crucify  another. This looks like small shit, but it is a great achieve. A small step indeed, but it shows that this moviment is already starting, the action is taking place.

Next post I will talk more about this filter, and how we usually are teach to do it wrong.

Stay Healthy people!!

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  1. I disagree with you saying that it's easy to see when someone has an agenda. Media companies have a huge influence on voting. They keep people glued to TV like zombies to pacify and then scare them with crime and terrorist threats to try and keep them indoors.