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quarta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2011

How far is a lie?

So, wondering about how chaos spread, i got to an awe conclusion: We are to vulnerable. It is so freaking easy to something simple as a compliment or some threat to penetrate deeply inside our minds and start moving shit arround.

This is more common to watch on children. Not talking about abusive parents that do all kind of sick stuffs, but how simple behaviors coming from dads and moms slowly writing the script of a life. The movie Inception shows us a good example of how can an idea slowly spread in someone´s mind like some cancer or virus.

Ok, that is nothing new. Marketing explores this for ages. But, the question that I will left here is: How much do we make this even easier for them? How deep can lies (and truths) penetrate (no pun here) on you? How can you discern your real values from what you think to belive your real values are?

Yes, dubious, plain and somewhat not confusing. Don´t worry, fell this like some freak intro. I will get to mess and explore this on diferent views on future posts.

stay healthy people!

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