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quinta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2011

Too much information - pt 2

Hello guys, lets finish this little paradox.

I´ve got some comment asking about  "having all future knowledge, there must be some book that explains how to use the library properly". And yes, it exists, and that is exactly what its residents are trying to find.

The librarian officers, seeing that people were getting very depressed and seeing all the existence as pointless, as they would be forever looking for the meaning of the library, reunited themselves to find some solution. This solution came in the form of a cult, they calling themselves "the Purifiers", where the main goal was to destroy books already known at random. And that give some kind of meaning to the depressed and borderline suicidals librarians.

So, everyone was kept busy in this task while the officers continued this eternal search. We do not know if they found it, but the odds probably would be:

1) The Purifiers somehow will find the book, but will keep with them as a mean to control people, making laws, rules and so on.

2) They never find it, and keep in this eternal "search and destroy" life, without knowing, the "low level" librarians from future generations probably would believe that the meaning of all that library is to learn and destroy stuff"

Now, this can easly find reflex on modern "real" life. After all, we are born and taught that we must get  a good job, buy some nice car/house, marry a decent guy/girl, plant a tree and make some barbecue at sundays. Come on, we all see this as the normal way of life. Just saying.

OK, but now back to the original ideaWe sure find tons of information, manipuleted, raw, both, all the ways. It is very easy to get lost in there. I told in an older post that  we are kinda waking up and spoting the obviously manipulated information(some of us at least). It is a good thing, but yet, there´s still a long way to go.

This paradox of abundance can be soften in some ways, that I will try to expose later. I personally think that there are levels and levels (yes, like a game) to go through, and the only weapon we got is our awareness. The most we are aware about the ways the information flux works, the best we know how to deal with it without getting lost. But this is a thing that will happen very slowly.

Well,  I will try to bring this subject again sometime. Stay healthy!

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  1. Haha, I just posted this thought in another blog, but it seems relevant here too...

    Science and Religion: The more we come to grips that we don't understand everything, the sooner we can begine to understand some things.

    Great post.

  2. Hmmm....Very interesting. I look forward to reading more.

  3. WTF did I just read? XD

  4. can't wait for some more post great stuff

  5. like richshaw said, good read, not much else to say though XD lol!